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The “1,2,3 High” App is the expression of power, hard work and improvement of every young talented sports player in every single corner of Europe. It is the path of success for everyone who likes basketball and football.


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1,2,3 High App - "How to"

Step 1

  • Download the application
  • Fill your personal data, Accept the Terms and Register

Step 2

  • Check your email, click at the link, go back to the app and log in
  • Fill your sports data and upload your profile photo

Step 3

  • Click the option “HOME”, post your first photo or video
  • Search for a friend, add him and send him a message

Step 4

  • See the Challenges, accept the one you want
  • Post your Challenge Video and wait for your score

Step 5

  • Click on “Wall Of Fame” and check your ranking
  • Try harder, go higher and get scouted

The Era of "1, 2, 3 High" has begun!

It took 8 years, but it came. The “1, 2, 3 High” App is the idea that was born back in 2016, it is the realization of thoughts created from personal experiences and completed as needs of team sports.

It all started as an idea, continued as an essential thought, was captured on paper and from January 2023 it started to turn into action. 

Step by step, from the creation of the logo to the release of the application in Spring 2024. It wasn’t easy, it took a long time but the love for sports and the strong desire to support young athletes simplified it. 

The “1, 2, 3 High” App was created to help all of you, basketball and football athletes to develop and improve your skills. Get on the path of constant effort but above all desire to showcase your talent and work within the 4 lines. And what will you gain from this? Effort is always rewarded, remember that! 

Have confidence in the work you do, motivation to do better and we will put you in touch with professionals in the field to pursue your dream: a professional career in football or basketball, a recognition of all that you will achieve through your effort.

Download the “1, 2, 3 High” App on your mobile for free via Google Play or App Store, create your basketball or football account and start your new sports journey. 

Upload your sports photos or videos, invite friends and teammates, interact, accept challenges and aim for the top of the scoreboard. Can you be at the top and how long can you stay there? 

Improve your shooting or dribbling, reflexes or speed and stay active! Why?

Well…it’s the moment to meet your new manager or your new professional team. Just let us help you! Ιt’s time to seize the opportunity and prove that nothing has been a fluke so far!

All the way to the TOP!

We will motivate you

Improve your skills using our challenges and compete other players. Can you beat everyone?

We will keep you in shape

Professional trainers and players will show you with simple exercises how to “stay on track”. Get yourself prepared!

Your dream is our goal

Professional scouters and managers will follow you and monitor your progress. Are you ready to “fly”?

Skill Challenges
in front of you

We will post skill challenges weekly. Accept the challenge, it is time to work as hard as you can. 

Read the description, watch the video – now you know what to do and how much time you have. 

Upload your video, we need to see your achievement and rate you. You think you tried hard? 

Well…the next challenge is coming up…

Wall Of Fame

At the end of every challenge, you will receive your “Flames”. Not only from us, but also from your “challenge – teammates”. So, want to check your ranking? The WOF (Wall Of Fame) will be activated and will show the best 20 players. Place your name, check your position and try even harder! Are you at the TOP? Let’s see if you can stay there.

  • You earn “Flames” from participating in “Challenges” and posting. Even a simple post has some benefits.
  • Remember, “1,2,3 High App” is a sports App. Posting videos or photos which have nothing to do with sports can reduce your ranking!
  • Earn as much “Flames” as you can and go higher. Your name will be on top of the list. Not only on WOF, but also on scouters’ and managers’ lists.

“Scroll” the world

We will keep you updated, so you won’t miss a thing! Stay tuned, get informed, communicate and post your favourite sports photos and videos. Earn flames by posting, react but most importantly stay on the “sports side of life”, explore the world of “1,2,3 High App”.

Are you at the TOP? Let’s see if you can stay there

Communicate and post your sports photos and videos

Beat your friends Achievements

Ultimate method & amazing features to change your life

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Custom workout plans

Snaga is fully customizable workout app. Whether you do weightlifting, physical etc.

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Clearing meditation

A highly accessible meditation that will create more clarity & space in the body.

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Daily fitness challenges

Snaga gives you achieve a specific goal with a specific exercise for daily activities.

People all over the world use snaga for their fitness

Great value home exercise 💪🏼

I was recommended snaga from a dear friend and WOW!!! Gives energy, strength & mostly your motivation and you helped me grow beyond my expectations.


Karen Lynn

Founder @ Company

Such a wonderful fitness app ❤

Such a wonderful fitness plan! Someone who trains regularly but does not have any access to equipment, this plan has been a lifesaver. You don’t need anything 


Dianne Russell


Love the home fitness tips

After a hiatus from the gym I needed some encouragement to help me get my confidence needed some encouragement to back😍


Marvin McKinney

College Student

I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed

oth the workouts and the delicious receipts are easy to follow and to finish. It’s great to be part of a community.These times when so much has changed❤


Ronald Richards


10/10 would recommend👌🏼

The workouts are fun to do but still make you sweat! I’m so grateful for the two of you for starting  grateful for this amazing app️


Kristin Watson

Social Influencer

Just completed week 3 and love the app

As someone who has not exercised for a few years, it is great to be getting back into it with such and nd my family are loving it too!Wonderful job guys 😍

photo-1568602471122-7832951cc4c5 (1)

Guy Hawkins

Web Developer

Contact Us

    Some Quick Answers to your Questions

    Where can I find the 1,2,3 High App?

    Download it for free on App Store and Play Store.

    How can 1,2,3 High App help me as a player?

    Our App can help you to stay motivated and improve your sports skills through hard work and competition.

    Is 1,2,3 High App another social media?

    No, we love sports and definitely 1,2,3 High App is a sports app. We care only about your skills and improvement in sports.

    Can I invite my friends?

    Of course you can, so far they have an active account too! Highly recommended to help each other during the Skill challenges and do your video together.

    Why are the rules of the App so strict?

    Providing your real data will help you get in contact with scouters and managers. A fake profile will give you neither any further improvement nor a path to professionalism.

    The “1,2,3 High App” can change the rules. Improve your skills and chase your dream

    Download the App on Android and iOS, share your talent and skills, take every chance you get in your sports life, believe it and it can be done!